A nice feature is that the spectators will jump out of the way if you come off road and are about to hit them!
Be aware of dogs in the road...

The car is hard to controll when you turn the driving aids off. I tried it with the steering aid fully off,
brake aid at 50% and Traction aid at 80% and it felt good.
The difference is big when you temper with the driving-aids. I think most people will find a setting well suited form them.
When I turned them fully off it was really hard to controll the car. I used the gamepad, it might be easier with a steeringwheel and paddles.

Cars in WRC5:
1600 cars -->
Independent cars -->
WRC cars -->
Extreme cars -->
Concept cars -->
Historical cars -->

The game is good! The feeling on tarmac and snow is much better that the previous game.
Adjustable driving aids: Steering, brakes, Traction control. Adjust with a gradual slidecontrol.
Cars broken down on stages. Just wave when you pass them.
Nice and sometimes funny comments from the co-driver.
Reindeers are on the loose when driving in Sweden.
Rocks falling down on the road, watch out!
Rally Cross mode!
Nice new cars!

Clip from E3 WRC5 (18,3Mb) -->
Vid from WRC5 PSP low res. (8,4Mb) -->
Same vid from WRC5 PSP Hi res.(52Mb) -->

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We will now be able to pass other cars that crash out of the rally.

Here's an amazing screenshot from next generation PlayStation games-->
This is not a WRC game, but you can see whats coming!
(Made by the team who has provided us with the WRC)